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The party is over, your guests are gone. All you have to do is restore the place. Abandoned glasses sleep on consoles,

Christmas Cleaning

Take out the folding chairs from the closet, shed or attic. Put a damp cloth over it to remove dust and other dirt, especially if you put it away quickly after the last night.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

You just finished your cards, you now want to rest, and yet it's far from over!!!

Cleaning Vacation Rental

It often feels like changeover days have to be carried out with military precision, or they end up chaotic and stressful.

How to clean a kitchen

A bucket of water, a bowl, Household gloves, an apron, a sponge, 2 microfiber cloths, a roll of paper towel, microfiber broom.

Cleaning is no dirty business for entrepreneur Agnes Kipalo

While she was a student at Trinity College Dublin, Agnes Kipalo cleaned homes to make money on the side.



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