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1. Folding chairs

Take out the folding chairs from the closet, shed or attic. Put a damp cloth over it to remove dust and other dirt, especially if you put it away quickly after the last night. It's also time to take stock and validate that you have enough seats for everyone. You can borrow what is missing from a neighbour or ask a relative to bring some chairs.

2. Dishes and serving dishes

Wash all serving dishes and the punch bowl carefully and reserve them in the kitchen. You can even stick notes on each dish to indicate what will be served in each. It will facilitate the service and it will remove unnecessary stress!

3. Tablecloths and towels for special occasions

Make sure your beautiful tablecloths are not stained permanently. Wash them and iron them. Do the same thing for your cloth napkins. If you have place markers for your guests, book them with the table cloths while waiting to set the table.

4. Christmas decorations

Dust garlands, wreaths and wall decorations. Sort the decorations of the tree and discard what is damaged. Wash the Christmas stockings and hang them.

5. The fridge

Clean the fridge. Take out all the food, clean the inside walls and put only the fresh and non-expired food in the refrigerator. It is important to make room for the dishes to be served, in addition to the many bottles your guests may bring.

6. The vanity of the bathroom

Whether they are looking for a new roll of toilet paper or simply because they like to poke around, your guests may open the vanity of the bathroom.

Do a little housekeeping in the junk that hangs on the counter, put away the prescriptions you want to keep confidential and put a few rolls of toilet paper on hand.

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