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You just finished your cards, you now want to rest, and yet it's far from over!!!

Because during your stay under this roof that has protected you so much ... You have left many traces that will have to be cleaned before handing over the keys!

Yes, a move does not stop at the boxing! You will find all the useful things to know in this article.

  1. Criteria for cleaning

You must return the apartment / house clean. But do you and your landlord have the same notions of cleanliness?

In addition, the norms vary according to the place and the type of lessor (private, bank, state, etc.), the Swiss, it seems, are among the most demanding, that's why we must not forget no nook.

You will be able to rely on this checklist which summarizes all the important elements so that your cleaning is successful.

  1. Cleaning companies

A solution if you have the means and you miss the time or the desire to do so is to call in a cleaning company.

It should still be well chosen, because they do not all have the same criteria of quality and finish of a cleaning.

In addition, if the business hurts are work, this is not the responsibility of the lessor, but yours. So, you have to choose who you are using (eco2net SA offers a guarantee of inventory!)

4 things to know:

First, take it in advance! Cleaning companies can be complete for several weeks!

Then a good cleaning company will ask you to schedule an appointment to come to a quote for the inventory and get an overview of the work to be done.

Remember to ask for a copy of the contract / quote in advance to assess whether it stipulates all the work to be done.

Ask, if this is not already the case, a guarantee in order not to have to assume a possible cleaning badly done or badly tweaked. It would be preferable for the company in question to be present when handing over the keys and the lessor 's control in order to immediately clean up what would have been badly done or forgotten / neglected.


When cleaning at the end of the lease, there are certain things that you do not have to clean, for example, a carpet after a certain age is considered too old and will have to be replaced by the landlord, which will dispense you from the task of cleaning it.

So before seriously starting the cleaning, ask the landlord if there are certain rooms, furniture, floors or objects that need not be cleaned, this phone call can save you a lot of time.

The inventory of fixtures:

The inventory of fixtures is a crucial step in the end of a contract of end of lease, it is at this moment that the lessor sees if it is necessary or not to use the guarantee of rent which you gave in deposit when signing the lease contract, this is important because if it does not use it or partially, it must give back all of what has not been used to repair any damage.

This still represents 3 months’ rent, which is not, for most people, negligible.

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