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How to clean a kitchen

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  • November 28, 2019

- The material to have to clean a kitchen:

 A bucket of water, a bowl, Household gloves, an apron, a sponge, 2 microfiber cloths, a roll of paper towel, microfiber broom.

- The products to have for cooking:

Use citric acid, alcohol, baking soda, liquid Marseille soap, white vinegar, soda crystals. For your convenience, pour these products into the bottles with a spray bottle.

- Store the fridge:

 Sort through the fridge, freezer, cupboards, throwing away anything that is out of date or in bad shape, or what you do not use anymore. And take advantage of this sorting to note everything you need: products, sponge, ingredients or provisions. Machine the greasy stoves.

- How to clean the cupboard:

To clean the top of the cupboard, just wipe the damp microfiber broom on the top of the cupboards to get rid of the dust that has built up. Too bad if it falls on the floor or the worktop, you'll take care of it later.

- How to clean the walls:

If the painted walls are greasy, coat them with a paste made of equal parts of baking soda and water. Leave on for one hour then rinse and dry. Or clean the greasy walls with a solution of one litter of hot water and a coffee cup of soda crystals. Or wipe a cloth moistened with household alcohol.

- How to clean the cupboard from the top:

On cleaning days, once a month, empty them, to pass on the jars containing pasta or various condiments a microfiber cloth moistened with soapy water. Dry with a cloth. Be it lacquered furniture, laminate or natural wood furniture, clean the interior and cabinet door with a microfiber cloth moistened with water and a drop of liquid soap, well wrung out. Wipe with a dry cloth. If the furniture is greasy clean them with water vinegar (half water, half white vinegar). Rinse with clear water and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

- Clean the small appliances: you have to spend a sponge on the blender, on the coffee machine, on the toaster, a paper towel dampened with cold alcohol, not to mention the electrical wires and plugs.

- How to clean a fridge:

To clean a fridge, unplug the refrigerator, empty it and remove the bins and racks that you wash either in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. Then you have to wear gloves to clean the fridge from top to bottom with a sponge moistened with warm water and a handful of soda crystals. Rinse all this with clean water. Then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Once finished do not forget to reconnect the fridge.

- How to clean the worktop:

To clean the worktop, use citric acid to clean worktops and soils that are very dirty. Then you must rinse as quickly as possible. To strengthen the action from the disinfectant of the acid add to the citric acid a few drops of essential oils like: Tea Tree, eucalyptus or lemon.

- How to clean a microwave:

To clean a microwave, you must remove the crumbs, remove the turntable and clean with a sponge soaked in water vinegar not to mention the door. Once the cleaning finish rinse everything and then dry everything. Then clean the turntable and its stand in soapy water or in the dishwasher. Once finished, dry the turntable and put it back in its place.

- How to clean the floor:

To clean the floor, it is first necessary to start with a broom, then to pick up the dust. Then you have to vacuum if there are carpets. Then take a bucket of water and put the product inside and a blow of mop to clean the ground. Once finished, let the product dry.

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