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  • December 18, 2019

The party is over, organize the cleaning

The party is over, your guests are gone. All you have to do is restore the place. Abandoned glasses sleep on consoles, anonymous ties tighten the bars of the chair and petit fours finish drying out on the worktop…


This apocalypse vision is not very pleasant, it must be recognized, but it often reflects the state of your accommodation after a party.


Cleaning after the party

Planning a party at home or in a room? Through its network of cleaning companies in French-speaking Switzerland, IDnettoyage.ch offers you a thorough cleaning of your accommodation or your party room.


Small or big party, or corporate event, our cleaning partners have all the know-how and cleaning products to effectively clean your interior without leaving the slightest trace of a past party!


Our partners can notably intervene in the following tasks:

Sort: The keyword in organizing Christmas decorations is sorting. Proceed by model and try to store each type of decoration separately for balls, candles, etc.

Store: Make sure to store your decorations according to their fragility to keep them in their original condition.

Protect: it is better to use newspaper or wrapping paper when storing to better protect objects.

Dust: Christmas decorations quickly become dusty because they are rarely used. Restore their shine by dusting them from time to time

Pack: to store and store your decorations, use gift boxes that you received without forgetting to write a note and put it in the box to facilitate research in the future.

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